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Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Calling all the single ladies! 

Yup, Valentine’s day is here and you have to survive. Usually, you would say, ‘oh, Valentine’s day but I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with’ or ‘maybe I will celebrate with the tub of ice cream that’s waiting for me back home in my refrigerator’. But Y’all it’s the day of LOVE.
Doesn’t HAVE to be with a guy or your love interests! You love your friends, parents and pet <3 Most importantly you love yourself. And if you don’t have self-love why not consider starting from this day.
I mean YOU are the one who stood with YOU for so many years, you gotta show yourself some love, girl!
What am I going to be doing, you ask, well working, treating myself to some chocolate and definitely planning on one of the things I mention below!

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Before we get into it though remember that you should avoid watching rom-com or romance movies, stay away from a place that will be filled with couples or at least let a friend tag along, count all your blessings, don’t pity yourself and allow yourself to feel loved.
Feel all the love around you

It is as much about giving and appreciating love as much it is about receiving love. Take the initiative and get flowers or sweets for your parents or best mates. Make the people in your life feel special and show gratitude this day.
Gift yourself

Something you fancy for a long time? Something that’s been on your wishlist. Maybe you have been saving up for it too. How about considering this day to gift yourself the thing that will bring you the bliss! Yup, even that sweet expensive bar of dark chocolate you drooled over can be considered as a treat for yourself. <3
The anticipation of a gift is rather a mess, in my opinion. What would they get me? What if I don’t like it? However, when you get yourself something you know you would love it makes spending a lot more meaningful and worth because it is for you and you know you would make a great use out of the gift! (did I just make being single sound fun? 😛 )
Get Grooming

This day, maybe you will find the one you’ve been looking for… Why not be ready? Or groom just because! Make yourself feel all gorgeous. If you didn’t have a great mood all week, grooming can really lift your spirit and add to your self-confidence.

Things you should do when you are upset or feel dull

Treat yourself to a Fine Dine

You could go alone to a luxurious restaurant or go with your best mate, girl or guy if they are single and free that is! With all the delicacy you may at least enjoy a foodgasm 😛
Spend time with your pet or with nature

I am a sucker for beaches! I would just love to go out there with my girlfriends and bask in the serenity. Maybe you like to go trekking through the mountains, cycling through the forests, fishing or swimming or anything really that involves nature then you should do it.
Perhaps your busy schedule has not allowed you to give much attention to your pet (or even if you have been giving your pet all the attention in the world) the love just doesn’t feel enough!
Have an utterly lazy day

Don’t do anything out of the ordinary in fact maybe just go ahead and laze around. Binge watch comedy series or YouTube channels. Anything really that makes you feel comfortable with the day.
Celebrate Love

Host a party for all your single friends! Have a Karaoke night or do a singalong. The day is indeed special so don’t hate it or consider it as a day meant to be just celebrated by couples.
Trust me, God’s brewing something special! Even if you are an atheist believe in the future and live your present to the fullest. Pressurizing yourself in order to figure out the future and finding someone will make your present miserable.
Feel all the love and the love will find you.

Thanks for reading!

38 thoughts on “Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

  1. Well I’m single so this post is perfect for me and I’ll certainly follow your tips! No reason why I should celebrate love and treat myself to a nice meal and a small present even if I don’t have a boyfriend, right?
    PS: I looove the gifs!

  2. I don’t have a boyfriend so I will have some time with my girl friends. We ll go to the movies and then maybe for a drink! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Lovely tips! When I was single I usually had some good time with friends. Valentine’s is definitely the day for loving and having good time – and you can for sure do that with your friends, family or pets. I hope you have some lovely time with those or just yourself on upcoming Valentine’s! 🙂

  4. I think, personally, that Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercial & oversaturated days there is in the calendar. It’s just a day like others. Loved reading your thoughts about it 🙂

  5. This was an adorable post!❤ Love comes in many more forms than just romantic, and us single gals and guys need to especially remember that on Valentine’s. xoxoxo

  6. I love this! Your advice is on point! I actually celebrated Valentine’s Day with my single friends this year and it may be one of my favorites ever, if not my favorite.

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