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Why You Should Talk To Yourself

Uhm, okay so not talking into thin air or with thin air! But it is something like talking to yourself in your mind actively, constantly and maybe even out loud (when alone). But please be aware that you are or you need to go to the psychiatrist. ❗

Also, I am not a professional or specialist in mental health or taking care of it but this is a habit for me and this is what keeps me up and going! I suffer from low self-esteem and anxiety myself and this habit has been significantly helping me out.

Talking to yourself is about giving yourself a pep talk, being your own cheerleader, being your own friend and understanding your thoughts a bit better! If you are fond of journaling your thoughts, consider this as a similar practice.
Honestly if you do not believe in this idea then just google it and you will find scientific proofs that back my idea! However, I always feel it is helpful and believable when someone testifies to something.

Growing up SHY!

So you are not insane or hopeless if you do so. It is better than not being able to vent your thoughts or feeling miserable with anxiety when there’s no one you can share how you feel with.
There must be plenty of reasons and benefits about why you should talk to yourself as a positive exercise to keep your mental health proper, but here are some benefits that I feel I gain from this habit.
I definitely did not adopt this habit knowing it will benefit me but I have always loved to talk to myself and also, LISTEN to myself. I sure do talk a lot with my friends and family and share tons and sure we all do. But there is something very crucial about doing the same with yourself.

Take Action!

The benefits:
You become more true to yourself. You can talk to yourself like the second person and find answers to your dilemmas.
We usually know when we feel a certain way. When you start thinking and talking to yourself about it you might say, ‘I feel this way today’— ‘why’— ‘what can I do to feel better’ and then you can gain control on how you feel and understand yourself better. For instance, if you are angry about something you can say how much does it matter if it does matter, how can I articulate it better than just ending up arguing.

Importance of being sensitive to others

You know you can be the most vulnerable and honest when you are talking with yourself. It won’t hurt you it will help you grow.
200w_d (1)
It is kind of like journaling as I mentioned before. However, if there are opinions or thoughts you don’t want evidence of, you might as well start having good conversations with yourself. 😛
200w_d (4)
YOU know what you want to hear when you are sad, You know the best what you want when you want to feel better. Similarly, understand that YOU know the best what you want to say to yourself to keep yourself happy!
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You become less indecisive. As you start learning more about yourself, controlling your emotions, you will also learn that you can adjust to a few circumstances but not with some other ones and you can make better decisions for yourself.

How to take control when there is just too much to do

It is a technique where you actually practice introspection and self-analysis. It will help you control negative thoughts. Seriously, it really helps when I feel very frustrated I try to shift my focus and find myself in a better place. It won’t happen if I don’t tell myself to do so or if I don’t direct myself to act in a certain way around negative situations.
You become more aware of how your thoughts, the way you feel, the way you act affects your life and others surrounding it.
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This brings in more self-respect and increases your self-confidence as you are surer of things in life. In no time, you will find yourself encouraged by your own thoughts and words.
The habit liberates you. Every human tends to be a little depended on the next human but it becomes a burden when you cant handle yourself at all and depend too much, about minute things happening in your life on others.
Being able to talk yourself out of feeling miserable is very empowering. Also, disciplining yourself will make you an effective person. And you know you can find humor in any situation and make yourself feel a bit less stressed than usual.
P.S. You are only crazy when you talk to yourself even when there are people around and become oblivious.
I think I have randomly pointed out benefits or how the habit can help you but hopefully, you understand and follow the habit.
I think as much benefit as the habit can have, it can also be self-destructive if you are constantly thinking about negative outcomes or worrying and all that you say to yourself is you are doomed in a panic situation! And so for the future, I am looking into doing a post on what exactly we should say to ourselves that will motivate and empower us to lead an optimal life. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, it helps.

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49 thoughts on “Why You Should Talk To Yourself

  1. Wonderful reading Kanisha! I never stop to talk to myself, in fact my mind is always super busy. Anything comes in my mind regardless the time and occasion. I am lucky nobody can hears me though!

  2. So glad I’m not the only person who does this haha. Usually when I feel embarrassed or like I said or did something stupid I’ll talk endlessly to myself lol. xoxo

  3. I sometimes debate with myself out loud 😀 especially if I have a decision to make haha. My hubby thinks I’m weird but it actually helps!

  4. I talk to myself too sometimes. Especially while rehearsing a conversation in which I am supposed to convince somebody. Yeah, also helps when you wanna pep yourself up. Also helps when you’ve screwed up real bad and you feel you need a kik up your backside :p
    Do drop by mine.

  5. I never used to talk to myself or give myself pep talks but I’ve found now I have a small child to look after that some days I need to give myself that push to do things for their sake when I’m having a bad day and it really helps.

  6. I love this! especially the part about giving yourself a pep talk – I always tell myself that I can do it & speak my words into reality!

  7. I talk to myself all the time. However, I am not always kind in what I say to myself. I have tried more to give myself more pep talks, though, and you are right, it has helped me stay grounded and not get upset or anxious at work.

    1. Be mindful of what you tell yourself constantly! It is just in the little things that your mind will feel at ease and it would help with your anxiousness

  8. This was a really insightful post. I think mindfulness like this is important. I often give myself little pep talks.

  9. I feel like it is normal and healthy to talk to yourself every once and a while. Sometimes I do it in the car when I feel like I need talk something through and need to figure out what I want to say.

  10. Your gifs are gold. I love using this as a tool for working out my issues. Sometimes I talk to the person that needs to hear it most in my head, and just being able to imagine that situation helps me process my feelings.

  11. This is wonderful! I usually say I talk to myself when I want expert advice, ha! I always talk to myself when I am in the zone and focused to get something done!

  12. I used to have really bad anxiety/panic attacks, so sometimes I talk myself through anxious feelings, and I give myself a pep talk. 😊 I think it helps.

  13. I think I’ve been always talking to myself in my mind. I think we should do so, but if we are very negative in a given moment it may be a problem. 🙂

  14. Oh I never thought talking to oneself could be so good. I have always resisted doing it.
    May be I must slowly restart the whole process.

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