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Instagram Comics To Follow!

Hello, everyone! Today’s blog post is a list of Instagram comic artists and illustrators I want everyone to follow. It is just that I every time go on to Instagram and love reading and looking at these artist-created comics that are cute, funny, sarcastic, relatable (Spoiler: going to use the same words quite repeatedly throughout the post πŸ˜› ) and more often entertaining.
I want all to experience the same!
If you ever wish to grab some time off and want to be entertained for a little while scroll through the Instagram posts of these artists and you will feel revived! It works for me at least!
Maybe most of you are already following the Instagram accounts I am about to mention.
I remember back when I was working in an office, that bored me to death, I used to read comics on the site called Bored Panda. And they were absolutely funny, entertaining and reading through the comics used to refresh my mind for the rest of the day. One can also find many different comics at Buzzfeed Comics.
So here are 10 Instagram comic accounts that I follow and want you all to follow as well!
Catana Comics
She represents relationshipΒ facts in the cutest manner.

I love pugs. And she represents how living with a pug can be at the same time what a pug might be thinking in the absolute adorable manner. Lately, I have been enjoying her Instagram stories.

Loryn BrantzΒ 
A comic that you will find totally funny and relatable.

Sarah Andersen Comics
Cutest character, sarcastic, and you would love the account if you are socially awkwardΒ just like me!

DamiΒ Lee
Again, enjoy the relatability! So much that it cracks me up.

Planet Prudence
Adorable illustration, witty, sarcastic and totally enjoyable!

Hannah Hillam
This account must be one of the first comics I came across and absolutely fell in love with. The life of a cat lady! Bwahaha Cat owner relatable!

Barely Functional Adult
The name says it all! And the comic situation for all adults!

The Awkward Yeti
The heart is my favorite and cutest character! Obviously, because all I do is listen to my stupid heart and follow whatever it says. Guess your organs will feel relatable to this comic account. πŸ˜›

Brown Paper Bag Comics
He represents the life of an Indian too accurately! Being an Indian I obviously relate to this account. Simply funny and true!

Once you start following these comics you will come across many other comics or illustrators, that’s what happened in my case. There are many other famous artists and comics you might fall for, but these are my most favorite ones. I keep myself updated on their latest posts.
I hope you enjoy exploring them! Thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜€
This is not a sponsored post.

30 thoughts on “Instagram Comics To Follow!

  1. OMG I love all of these. I’ve seen so many of these as memes but didn’t realize they were comics on IG. Gong check their feeds out now.

  2. Although I do have an Instagram account, I used it very rarely, it seems too uncomfortable for me I cannot post photos directly from my computer. So I never knew there are these comics accounts,it’s first time when I learned about it and find it absolutely fabulous. Thank you for sharing this, I’ll be back on instagram to follow some of your recommendations.

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