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Almost Natural Skin Care Routine/Products!

Hello, everyone!


I had mentioned in my earlier post that I was keen on putting up a blog post about my skin care routine. Mainly because you will find out that I do not spend much on any skin care products other than the natural ones. As well as using natural ingredients in my daily routine to keep the skin clear and nourished! So, let’s begin.

  1. Red Lentils


Red lentils are pulses high in protein. Very nutritious for health to consume. But my doctor (general) lately suggested me to use it replacing soap or bath bar. It was suggested to me for the recurring acne on my face.

How to Use:

  • Grind the red lentils to powder it.
  • Store it in a container box (Tupperware etc.)
  • Use it during bath time.
  • Wet your skin and gently scrub or rub the powder around your face in a circular motion. (It can be used to scrub entire body parts)
  • Wash it off without using any soap!

I am currently using it since my doctor suggested it to me and trust me it controls the growth of acne and removes acne scars. It works best for sun tan as well! I noticed that my skin felt lot clearer, brighter, soft and glowy.
P.S. It has the tendency to stick to your hair which can get annoying at times. Also, I still do get tiny pimples but it has helped me a lot to control the outrageous growth of them.
2. Godrej Cinthol Original
Okay, so one would wonder, out of all the range of soap brands out there why Godrej Cinthol? and why just the original one?
Well around in the 90’s, my mom got suggested by a dermatologist to use this particular soap. She, like me, suffered from acne. I cannot promise you that it helps with skin clearing or anything but we are just accustomed to using this. And I am open to swapping it with a natural bar like the one from Khadi range. I use Khadi shampoo and works wonders on my hair! Obviously, I am looking forward to doing a hair care routine as well. This soap I mostly use on my body and sometimes after removing my makeup.
Moving on…
3. Ice
Before applying any makeup on make sure you run a cube of ice across your face so that it helps all your open skin pores to close. It is a routine for me! Your pores are shut for any dust particles that can get accumulated. It helps in improving the blood circulation and your skin feels refreshed. You can say icing your skin works like a primer. I looked up for some more benefits to mention other than the ones I already know and found out that it reduces the puffiness under your eyes, works well against wrinkles and controls blemishes.
4. Coconut Oil
One can use coconut oil of any brand but Parachute Coconut oil is the one we have been using since ages. So coconut oil, in general, has numerous benefits. Say for hair, skin and even for eating! But one thing I use it for, and I do not think many people use it in that manner is as a makeup remover.
How to Use (as a makeup remover):
I do not use anything else but just apply a fair amount of coconut oil on my face to remove my makeup and gently massage the area. I then use the soap to completely get rid of the left residue from my face. It literally just melts the makeup quickly. Not to mention the advantages!

  • I started using it to remove my eyeliner and it has literally just helped my eyelashes grow more.
  • Use it on your lips and get rid of that dried chapped lips!
  • Use it on your face skin and you will have moisturized and toned skin.

Other Uses

  • You can just apply a little amount of coconut oil on your eyelashes before going to bed if you want to grow long and thicker eyelashes. If you have scarce eyelashes it really helps in growing some new ones.
  • Apply coconut oil before you bath to tone and massage your body as well as face skin. You can later just wash it off with soap. It helps in removing rashes or stretch marks.

5. Sunscreen
Summer has begun here in Mumbai and it is essential to have a Sunscreen lotion with you at all times. Firstly, I wanted a brand that has herbal ingredients in it and Lotus felt apter. So I bought Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50. It contains ingredients like comfrey, horse chestnut, and vanilla. Secondly, although there are many brands that have sunscreen lotions and promise non-greasy effects, but they end up being very oily and is prominently there on your skin. But this product is gel-based and does not feel greasy at all. The second you apply it all over your skin it dries up. Especially someone like me who has oily skin would definitely love this product. As far as the concern goes for sun tan there will be none! Which means the product works really damn well. Also because it is SPF 50 and we here in Mumbai need that much of protection from the sun’s rays as on general basis the temperature here on an average can be 27° C approximately. God forbid but during summer it might go above 32° C. :'( It’s tough so you know, you always gotta be protected from the sun! 
How to Use

  • Ideally, apply it half an hour prior leaving your house and going out in the sun.
  • If you are to stay out under the sun for a long time, it is suggested that you re-apply the sunscreen matte gel every 2 hours.

6. Body Wash
Okay, so I have never really used body washes before I started using Swiss Tempelle Indulging Body Wash, the Lotus and Alpine rose one and basically, we got this free on a purchase. I do not use it as a daily body wash, though. After using it once I realized that it smoothens your skin very well and it is best to use before shaving. The razor would easily glide from the skin after you use this product. Plus it has a very sweet smell to it and makes your skin smell fresh and flowery as well. Even though I got this the first time free, I am looking forward to purchasing this product the next time as it really helps make your skin soft.
So I guess this sums up my daily skin care routine. Make sure you wash your face at end of every day. You could take a shower or at least clean all the dirt off of your face and body.
I hope you enjoyed reading it and found something of use!
This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Okay, I love the lentil idea. It does seem like a bit of work but something i will try. I normally just use sugar scrubs for exfoliation and they work really well. Do you find the lentil powder leaves a residue or graininess in the bath? Or is it so small you can’t tell?

  2. I don’t know a lot about skincare and the best routine for your skin. So I didn’t know most of these tips but they sound amazing. I don’t have acne but my skin is super sensitive and always a bit red on the cheeks so I must be really careful with what I use. I think your advice will help. Thanks for sharing! xx Corinne

  3. I didn’t know ice had those types of benefits! I currently use Vaseline to remove make up, but I’m thinking about switching to coconut oil just by reading this! 😊 Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great and interesting tips! I didn’t knew about lentin but i would love to try this idea. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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