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I feel disoriented.

My blog is a place I wish to document all that I feel and experience. So I do not feel hesitated to share what I am going through from the past few days. Although I do feel uneasy of what people will think reading about the state of my mind lately.
I feel that my sense of direction has been misplaced. I have always suffered from timidness and this time it feels worse. I have always been fainthearted. :'( I do not feel confident enough to do certain things. Even a minute decision in a day whether I wish to read now or go for a walk; I simply seem to be confused in all. I consider doing one thing and I know I have to do it but then eventually I end up doing something totally different. I might be procrastinating as well.
I have so many things in my mind for my blog as well but my lack of certainty as to what I wish to achieve in a day is really getting on my nerves. I either feel I have nothing productive to do and slack off or I simply am aware there is a list of things to be completed and my anxiety kills my productivity. I know it might not make any sense to some but I really feel all must have passed through this stage.
I want to make few changes, bring some management into my life so that I start feeling more controlled of what is going on in my life. Definitely not all go through constant ups in their lives. All have lows! So I hope my readers won’t judge me. I am struggling through the condition of my mind. Maybe the lack of surety in anything that I commence has got me thinking there will be bad outcomes to my efforts. And so I am reluctant in putting any efforts.
I don’t know but something has really made me confused in everything I wish to do in a day of my life! I want to start scheduling each day! I wish to achieve what remains pending and start anew. I wish to document how I do so so that it helps others who feel the same or are going through similar situation.

Do not worry all I need is some strength and courage. 🙂


10 thoughts on “I feel disoriented.

    1. thank you so much for your supporting words. I literally read your comment with tear blurred eyes XD See this is what I am talking about no sense of controlling my emotions these days! Well thanks again it means a lot to me!

  1. maybe you don’t have to be certain about what you want to achieve by blogging, maybe you don’t even have to know it, just follow your feeling, do what gives you pleasure and you will arrive in a nice place 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the reply. And yes I so much wish to do what i love and continue in it but you are always struggling between making a living out of something and living your dream. It is frustrating but anyways yea I wish to follow my dreams.

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