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Don't Underestimate, We Play Dumb!

Hello, everyone! It has been quite a while I had not been posting but trust me I have so much going on in my head. 😛 I thought to put a short post on Pisces traits and let’s see if any Pisceans find it relatable or if anyone else other than Pisceans has the same trait as well! But before I begin, Happy Birthday to all of the Pisceans! <3 (including me :P)
Okay, honestly I would like to justify my Pisces posts here and it is like I come across many quotes and characteristics of Pisces, I pick out the ones I feel relatable to and try to elaborate or discuss on the same! I would like to even discuss on the ones I don’t feel relatable to.
So I read about the following trait and I would like to discuss on this particular Piscean trait. We do everything, go great extents to keep our close ones happy! Like we push our boundaries to actually make the significant person feel important. It could be our friend, family member or partner! But sometimes we do a lot for some ungrateful beings!
But even though we cross our limits, there is a point we realize we have done enough! And when we turn our back on someone, the person’s existence has already been diminished in our lives. It is like we don’t care if you are not being grateful in certain situations but eventually when it is evident that people take us for granted, BYE BYE!
Like, have you ever felt that you adapt to every situation and adjust with everything. But at some point, ‘self-realization’ happens to us and we become aware that we need to stop! So here our only problem is that we do realize things but ignore the facts and take a lot of chances with our emotions and mental state. But we need to learn to stop being so giving and courteous and resist ourselves from getting hurt.
Another trait that I came across and which I totally have is acting dumb in front of new people. There can be many instances I have done this even when I have more knowledge about something. Or at times when I simply know what is going on and around but act dumb as if I cannot comprehend people’s intentions, mostly because I would not want anyone to know my next move! I play dumb while I am actually trying to comprehend the people and our surroundings. There have been cases where people actually tell me that they don’t really understand me and it is hard to tell what is going on in my head!
😛 That is my freaking secret weapon! (I am kind of giving it away here but trust me I am a Pro) I really don’t know if other Pisceans have this trait but when I read about this I was like, 😈 this is me! It is so friggin me!
Do let me know if any of the characteristics I mentioned matches yours!

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