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My Valentine’s Gift from Uptown18!


My Short Love story <3

I have been eyeing the website for a long time and in the beginning of this month, I finally made a purchase from the site. And as promised the delivery was made within 15days and it coincided with Valentine’s Day and I must say Uptown18 gave me the best Valentine’s Day gift 😎 !
So, let me briefly introduce you to Uptown18 website. There is a range of artist-created designs available to choose from, for your tees, accessories or bags etc. You can customize a single design into your mug or your cushion cover or more. The designers have created many custom artworks for you to choose from and which someone will definitely be attracted to. And what better than to have your own customized tees, bags or stationeries.

My Shopping Experience with Uptown18 <3


I found out about Uptown18 through Facebook. I reached to their site and was eager to make a purchase and get my own customized products to use! I knew what I wanted. I needed mini pouches to use it while traveling, to store my makeup items or separately pack earphones, power banks and all other bits and bobs. I always wanted to own a tote bag but never really found the quality I was looking for or could never find the appropriate print on it. And so when I discovered Uptown18 I delightfully ordered 2 mini pouches, a tote bag, and a spiral notebook.

Before I showcase my products I would like to share my purchase experience with them. After placing the order, I got a call from them confirming the orders I placed, which I felt was very attentive of them. I checked up on their site for shipping details and found out I had to wait for 15 days for my delivery package to arrive. Which was quite justifiable as they manufacture customized products so obviously, they need half a month to get the products made and then ship it and get it delivered. The anticipation for me was the toughest as I was worried that I would have to loose quality over the customized designs! Because the virtual images were visibly pretty and desirable products but I clearly had my doubts about the quality of the products. It was a gamble for me! But eventually the products arrived and I was very happy to see that the quality is brilliant and with my favorite print on them!


Let’s start off with the tote bag. As soon as I saw this Rihanna design, I knew I wanted it on a tote bag for myself.


The material from which the bag is made of is polyester. I love the fact that the zips are in gold color and not like the usual silver color. Anytime a black or golden zip is the best. And as you can probably tell from the picture the bag is sturdy and I can’t wait to start using it. The designs that I have chosen clearly shows my taste or likings. Music has always been close to my soul (if I have not mentioned it somewhere on my blog!) And so I went for these Rihanna and Beyonce’ print. I consider them as Goddesses of music!


Doesn’t she look as glamorous as ever! :star: This is a mini pouch. Well, the background print is somewhat similar to the tote bag so kind of goes well to use both of them together. Again both the mini pouches are made with polyester material like the tote bag.


Who would not fall for this adorable pug print! <3 I love pugs since the time I have known more about this breed through Marzia’s videos. This is my Pugachaan (she calls Maya the pug as Pugachaan indicating Maya as a young baby and cute in Japanese) mini pouch. And I love its color combination with red. These mini pouches are quite spacious and you can store many things in it and it is always handy. I always like to chuck my stuff in a bag that can be easily opened and has like wide space in it without any compartments. Something like the tote bag. And I obviously have my purse for my cards and money, but I need something for stuff like power bank and wires and related things so that they can stay put and I can find them easily at one place. Same goes for my makeup items!


Lastly, I bought a spiral notepad, not completely sure why but I did 😛 !


I mean notebooks, diaries especially the hardcover ones have been my all time favorite! I love to jot down things or just scribble my ideas on it. So when I saw these on the website I was pretty much sure they were gonna be mine! So well out of all the eye-pleasing designs, I chose this eclair design for my notepad. It is an A4 size one and has hard covers, just like I wanted!


Inside the notepad, there are completely white blank pages. I am so excited to start writing or drawing in these. I am glad they chose to keep it blank rather than the usually lined ones. I always use to write on the lined ones messily, over the lines or alike! So you can probably understand how convenient this one is gonna be for me! 😀

So yeah, I am almost eagerly waiting to get a chance of buying from them more of the customized products. The designs are incredible and well thought of! I appreciate each designer’s work at Uptown18. And I would recommend all to check out the site and buy their customized products. The above purchases cost me around 2k INR which is reasonable if you count that these products are customized!

I am so glad to have got my delivery on the Valentine’s Day! Awesome gift for me, from me 😛 But I cannot finish off without thanking Uptown18 . On behalf of all those who have loved their customized products from Uptown18, huge thanks to them and all the designers! 😀

This is not a sponsored post!

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