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My ‘Not-So-Jazzy’ Makeup Products!


(Sorry for the overexposed picture did not realize I was so close to the light.)

Hello all, today I have decided to share the beauty products which I have been using for years. As you can tell from the title of the post and from my picture above that I like to wear minimal makeup and I have been carrying a consistent look since two to three years now and never wore a heavy makeup ever.
My skin is not flawless but any amount of extra makeup feels too much on my skin and so I opt for the minimal. The jazziest I could get was with some blush on cheeks and completely outlined eyes with eyeliner and Kohl pencil and some foundation. At other times or say every day, I either wear my winged eye or cat eye. Although my recent interest has been dark and prominent lip colors.
Call it cat/winged eye! haha.. It is always like this with me applying eyeliner and trying to get proper proportion of liner each side of my eye and every time ends up being either cat eye style or winged or sometimes even fish eyes! XD So yeah, there is no proper technique or tutorial I have actually followed. Although practice does help you to balance out the eyeliner on each side evenly.

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So the eyeliner that I am using since ages is this Lakme` Insta-Liner. I have entirely practiced the art of applying eyeliner on this one and I am accustomed to the brush it has. The product stays on like for an entire day without getting smeared. After applying it the product dries out real quick which is very helpful when you have to put on makeup in a hurry to go somewhere or in a hustle.
In an attempt to master the art of applying the eyeliner to get the perfect winged eye, I had bought another Lakme` product which is Lakme` Absolute Precision Liquid Liner.
It did not work out for me. Probably because I am quite used to the product I mentioned before. Or perhaps because the liquid had the tendency to dry out inside the product tube itself and I had to vigorously shake it before use. It has to be stored tip down. At a point, the liquid in the tube did not come out of it and it turned out to be a hassle to apply this liner, rather reducing my pain and helping to apply the perfect eyeliner. I have stopped using it as a liner.
So while I was clicking pictures for this post I realized that I am using Lakme` products the most. There is no specific reason for it but because you tend to build a pattern of buying the same products over the years, you realize you have really built up trust with a particular brand! Having said that, I do not really mind trying out products from a different brand if it turns out to offer what I really want in my beauty products.
This another Lakme` product is a 9 to 5 Matte Complexion Compact Powder apparently Melon color. Honestly, I do not use it on a regular basis, however, whenever I do it brightens my skin and gives an even tone to my complete face and neck.
I am currently not using any concealer or foundation as such as my skin is very sensitive and I am very skeptic as to whether how my skin would react to any new products applied to it. So if you were expecting any of it I apologize for the disappointment. Although I would love to try out the products that are suggested so if you have any in mind, which can help suit my skin do mention it below.
Here are my eyebrow products and my kohl pencil. I use Miss Claire Eyebrow Pencil and use the brush on the right to apply it with. It helps in the general filling of the eyebrows wherever I find gaps. This is a black one as I have black hair, so make sure you choose the right shade depending on the color of the hair of your eyebrows.
And the Revlon Kohl Pencil is my all time favorite one. I have been using the same product for more than five years. It does not promise to be waterproof but with my experience, I have noticed that it is smudge-free and gives you the precise eye definition.
Moving on…This is my nail enamel collection.
These three shades I have picked up from a local beauty products store. I found it online but could not find the exact shades but the name is B.O Nail Lacquer if it isn’t visible in the picture.
This shade might look white and matte but it is actually this creamy shiny color which looks cool to wear during evening time for parties or dinner dates. Again I could not find the exact shade online so I did not link it. However, you can find different shades of Elle 18 Nail Pops online.
These two shades are my favorite and I am hoping not to run out on them. Because again these exact shades are not present online and these colors were given to me by my friend which she had bought from Dubai. Although I found many other shades of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear online. Check out if you like any. The product is very smooth to apply and stays for long; has not dried out yet like usual nail enamels do.
Ok so somehow I managed to get links to these favorite shades of mine. The Lakme` Color Crush Pink and Green are the shades I wear when I need the bold and vibrant look. Although it says pink for the shade, I am pretty sure after its application it looks more of a red shade than pink.
Next, here are my lip colors. Starting with the light shades.
Okay, the left one might look light but trust me after application it is a vibrant pink shade close to red. Honestly, I tried applying it on my hand and clicking pictures but one could hardly tell the exact color from the picture, so I thought better not to post it. However, let me link everything so you can find them and judge by yourself.
So the Lakme`9 to 5 Matte lip color Toffee Nexus is the one in the middle. It basically has this pink to brownish shade and when I apply it with vaseline on, it gives me this cute blush pink lip color.
The left one is again from the same series, Lakme` 9 to 5 Matte lip color Rosy Sunday. Just like its name, this is a rose color shade and is the one which I am wearing in the above two pictures in the beginning of this post. It even has this slight golden shine to it, not too much but a tad which gives your lips luscious look.
And finally, the Faces Go Chic Good Earth is this nude shade, that gives your lips completely nude look and a bit of a gleam. It keeps your lips very moisturized so I would suggest not to use it on any gloss, lip moistening or similar product. Sometimes, there are days when you just wanna have these dark and bold eyes but don’t want to have an overall heavy makeup look so you decide to go with the nude lip! This is the lip color you’ll need.
As I mentioned before, I have found interest in dark shades lately and these two were the ones I got to start up with. It’s a pity that they do not ship outside India.
I will anyways link it. Nykaa So Matte Caramel Margarita is the left one and Nykaa So Matte Cranberry Sangria is the one on the right.
Cranberry Sangria was definitely a different shade than I expected it to be, but I anyways love it. It is the same shade I am wearing in my About page picture. It has this yummmy smell that makes you just wanna eat it. haha… I keep dragging it across my lips because it feels delicious to just breathe in the fragrance. However, the Caramel Margarita one is a brown shade with no fragrance as such but gives you this amazing prominent bold look.
So yeah this is it! All the current beauty products I am using. I would like to mention that these products are not sponsored and all the opinions that I expressed are my genuine review. I will soon be writing Skin and Hair care routine post. Look forward to it! 

The product links are affiliated. To know more about affiliate links scroll down to the footer to read the disclaimer.

21 thoughts on “My ‘Not-So-Jazzy’ Makeup Products!

    1. Thanks! yeaa you have to practice it alot.. I seem to have gotten better at it but you know there are always some days where you just cant get the symmetry right and you screw up XD

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of Lakme before but it seems to be a brand you like. I go for minimal makeup during the week but have a big collection in case I want a more dramatic look or want different colours (it all depends on my mood)

  2. I can understand why you would go with darker color with the lips. I do think it works better for your skin tone. My daughter is much lighter skinned. Not sure what would look good for her but she’s not really at that stage just yetz

  3. I love your minimal makeup! And your collections, nail polishes and lipsticks, are gorgeous! I have never tried any Lakme product though.

  4. I’ve never heard of Lakme but looks like their products are great! I wonder if there are Lakme products here in the Philippines? Anyway, you look gorgeous, girl! <3

  5. I kinda chuckled at how you described how you get cat eyes. I struggle with eye liner but from now on I’m gonna rock it like I meant to do it lol. You have some great products here that I’ll have to check out especially the eye ones as that’s my focus to learn over the next few weeks

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