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What is opening up for me…

Getting a Pisces to open up sometimes can be like trying to crack the safe to a vault.

This quote is again from the Facebook Page I found on Pisces called the Pisces Nation. Completely relatable for me! I have always noticed this about me and people have always told me how difficult it is to understand me because I hardly open up to someone. It even reminds me of another saying on Pisces that they can be mysterious most of the times.
This can be due to trust issues or simply because of this Pisces trait that I do not open up to new people or people I know I do not wish to open up to. This can have a downside as people usually misunderstand you for being arrogant or unfriendly. Although most of the times to me it is just the innate feeling of not opening up or sharing things and keeping my silence about it.
Thus, the others around me have always tried the best of their abilities to somehow understand me and make me speak up on various occasions. Sometimes I let them and most of the times I don’t! HaHa, has this happened to you? Do let me know below.

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