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Ahhh..the smell of February!

Yay! It is 1st day of the February month and it has brought a lot of new things waiting for me. My blog being one of those important things. It certainly feels fresh and exciting and even though I feel a little intimidated by the turn of events and responsibilities, my birthday month feels like a green signal giving me positive vibes! So, for all the *fishies* out there like me, let us begin with a fun Pisces fact. Let me ask you a question, can you stand argument or yelling?
I came across a quote on Pisces that they cannot stand arguments or yells. As for me, it feels like a fact as I very much cannot be in a situation where people are arguing or shouting. For me, it never made sense to argue to prove a point, a general discussion would be sufficient. Which is a strong reason why I hate debates! It doesn’t mean I am judging the people who like debates for that matter. This is completely my perspective. Although I strongly agree that at times there are situations where to prove a point you have to argue and believe me when Pisces settle for an argument they make sure they have solid reasons to attest to what they say! Do let me know what you feel being a Pisces, is it relatable? Or if you belong to some other sign do let me know your experience on this!
The quote I referred to in this post was from a Facebook Page on Pisces Sign named Pisces Nation. Check them out, this is not a sponsored post! Also, if you come across a relatable quote make sure you share it on the comments down below.

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